EDI VANs & Providers


A value-added network (VAN) is a private network provider (sometimes called a turnkey communications line) that is hired by a company to facilitate electronic data interchange EDI or provide other network services.



DIcentral at http://www.dicentral.com/
Phone: 281-480-1121, option 4
Fax: 281.480.1181
Email: sales@dicentral.com


Edict at http://www.groceryec.com or http://www.retailec.com
Phone: 800-443-3428 or 937-429-4288
Fax: 937-429-4309
Email: GECSupport@edictsystems.com

Easylink Services International

Easylink Services International at http://www.easylink.com
Phone: 1-888-825-6385
Email: salesleads@easylink.com


Softshare at http://www.softshare.com/
Phone: 1-800-346-6703
Fax: 805-882-2599
Email: sales@softshare.com


Phone: 888.430.4489
Email: EDI-Marketing@truecommerce.com

Infocon Systems

Infocon Systems at : Infocon for Kroger
Infocon for Kroger Manufacturing
Infocon for Fred Meyer
Phone: 888-339-0722
Email: Sales@infoconn.com

eZcom Software

eZcom Software at : www.ezcomsoftware.com
Phone: 201.731.1800 option 1
Email: Sales@ezcomsoftware.com

SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce at http://www.spscommerce.com/
For new vendor EDI connection request:
Phone: 866-245-8100
Email: clientservices@spscommerce.com
For current vendor EDI customer service (dataflow & connectivity) issues:
Phone: 888-739-3232
Email: support@spscommerce.com


B2BGateway : https://www.b2bgateway.net/trading-partner/kroger/
Phone: 401-491-9595 option 5
Email: Sales@B2BGateway.net

* This is not a complete list of companies that offer the applicable products and/or services, nor is this list in any particular order. Companies listed above are not affiliated with or sponsored by Kroger. Kroger does not endorse or guarantee any of the products and/or services these companies may offer or provide to their respective customers.