EDI Programs And Requirements

DSD 852 EDI Transaction for Scan Based Trading (SBT) formerly Pay for Scan

The EDI 852 transaction for DSD is for SBT vendors. The 852 transaction gives the vendor quantity sold and total cost per item for the previous day or week (depending on vendor type). This information is given by Kroger Division and store number.

Steps for starting EDI

  1. If vendor is not EDI capable, the vendor needs to contact a software provider to request 852DSD mapping.
  2. For more information on EDI and a more comprehensive list of providers, please contact the GS1 US formerly (Uniform Code Council) at www.uc-council.org or VICS at www.vics.org or visit our Vans and Providers page.:
  3. If vendor is EDI capable, the vendor needs to get the Kroger mapping from this web site.
  4. The vendor must communicate their EDI partner ID’s to Kroger, by sending the partner set up form via e-mail to edi@kroger.com or faxing a partner setup form to 303-778-2730.
  5. When ready to receive a test 852 DSD transaction from Kroger the vendor needs to contact Scarlet McKeever at Kroger, 513-762-4302 or email scarlet.mckeever@kroger.com .
  6. After testing the vendor will receive the 852D data every day after 3:00 p.m. for daily vendors or every Sunday after 3:00 p.m. for weekly vendors.