EDI Programs And Requirements

Purchase Order

Processing Requirements

  1. Initial Contactshould be to the Kroger divisions that currently sends purchase orders to you via fax or mailed. Each Kroger division will test purchase orders separately, since the item mix will vary from each. All purchase order tests are submitted with real UPC's (universal product codes).
    1. Vendor will contact the buyers for startup of EDI Purchase Orders.
    2. Verification of the EDI Communication Information. Both the vendor and Kroger should exchange communication information.
    3. Verification of Kroger Ship-to/Bill-to locations.
    4. Verification of the EDI Purchase Order Definition/Mapping. UCS or X12
  2. Pilot Phase
    1. The buyers will be responsible for the following:
      • Their own trading partner relationships
      • Exchange item and communication information
      • Establish the procedures for testing the transmission of their orders with the vendors.
      • Setting the appropriate EDI flags in the On-Line Purchasing System.
    2. The buyers will cut a test purchase order consisting of one ordering multiple of every UPC for that vendor.
    3. Vendor will need to verify all UPC's, description, case pack and cost and report any discrepancies back to the buyers so that the item information can be corrected before moving into production.
    4. The vendor will transmit the functional acknowledgment within the EDI guidelines.
    5. The vendor will verify that the electronic EDI Purchase Order is the same as the paper copy Purchase Order.
    6. All EDI questions or problems will be forwarded to the buyer or Division Coordinator.
    7. The paper copy of the purchase order will no longer be sent when a vendor moves to production
    8. If the vendor has a broker and wishes for them to receive a carbon copy it is the vendors responsibility to request that set up through their own network.


Kroger would like to provide prompt support for the Purchase Order Program. To facilitate this, the problems have been categorized. Identify the problem and call the appropriate person.

Data Problems:

If the query is related to any of the following, please contact the Division.

  • UPC's, Quantities, Ship to Locations

EDI Problem:

The Vendor must contact the Kroger Division with the following information when reporting a problem related to an EDI document.

For 875UCS / 850X12:

  • ISA Communication ID
  • Transaction Set ID - 875 / 850
  • PO# and date
  • Company name
  • ISA control#

Functional Acknowledgment Addendum

Version 5010

  • ISA05 Sender's Qualifier (partner)
  • ISA06 Senders's ID#
  • ISA07 Receiver's qualifier (Kroger) should always read 08
  • ISA08 Receiver's ID (Kroger) should always read 9254110060
  • ISA11 should be Hex 5F
  • ISA12 We support version 00307
  • GS02 Application Sender's Code
  • GS03 Application Receiver's Code (Kroger) should always read 5137624388
  • GS07 Should read (U) for UCS or (X) for X12
  • GS08 Should always match the version being sent 005010UCS or 005010
  • AK102 Must match control number from document sent
  • ST01 Should always read "997"

Kroger uses the following:

1 Subelement Separator ISA16 > or Hex 6E
2 Element Separator * or Hex 5C
3 Segment Terminator ~ or Hex A1

Please do not use a (¬ ) symbol in the ISA16 as a Subelement Separator.