EDI Programs And Requirements

820 Check Remittance Advice Program

The Kroger Co. Check Remittance Advice program refers to the process by which remittance detail is electronically transmitted by Kroger to the vendors. This program replaces the paper reports presently being sent with the payments or the remittance information on the check stub.

In order to complete the exchange of data with ease and accuracy, Kroger requires all trading partners to review the requirements and details associated with the program.

When you request an 820 via the Partner Setup Form or via email you will be setup in production with-in five business days. There is no testing for these documents. You will receive paper copies up to 90 days to give you time to compare to your EDI 820. Remittance detail is also available via DemandTec website. To request access to this website please email vendorportal@kroger.com


General Requirements:

  • The trading partner cannot presently be an EFT vendor.
    • Please see the 820 EFT guidelines for doing EFT with Kroger.
    • An EFT vendor receives the remittance advice from their bank.
  • The trading partner must be presently doing EDI with Kroger or be EDI capable.
  • If the trading partner is EDI capable, but not currently a Kroger EDI partner, they need to fill out
  • the Partner Setup Form. This form needs to be sent to Kroger, according to the information on the form.
  • If the trading partner is not EDI capable, there are several solutions available. replace it with 'Please visit the VANs and Providers' section under the FAQ tab of our website for an indicative list of EDI VAN's and third party providers to get your company EDI capable. A complete list of software and network suppliers can be found on Uniform Code Council’s web site at www.gs1us.org.
  • Must be ready to receive the 820 EDI document.
  • Kroger expects a Functional Acknowledgment (997) for every 820 document sent to trading partners.


Kroger would like to provide prompt support for the Remittance Advice Program. To facilitate this, the possible problems have been categorized. Identify the problem before making the call.

Data Problems:

If the query is related to the information in the remittance advice, please contact the KMA/Division directly. (Refer to the list of contacts.) This is the same procedure as the paper advice.

Examples of data problems:

  • Incorrect Invoice Number
  • Incorrect Invoice Amount
  • Incorrect Discount Amount
  • Incorrect or Unidentified Adjustments
EDI Problems:

If the problem is related to any of the following:

  • Received a check, but did not receive the 820 EDI Remittance Advice
  • Received partial or corrupted data
  • Communication problems

Please contact the EDI Coordinator with the following information:

  • Communication Id
  • Transaction Set Id –820 remittance advice
  • Company name
  • Date of check or the ISA 09 date