EDI Programs And Requirements

889 Promotional Announcement

Processing Requirements

  1. Initial Contact - each Kroger Division has an EDI contact for promotional announcements. Select a division that you currently do business with to begin testing.
    1. Vendor will contact the Buyer or Category Manager for startup of the EDI Promotional Announcement.
    2. Verification of the EDI Partner information set up form.
    3. Verification of Kroger Enterprise Duns & Suffix numbers
    4. Verification of the EDI Promotion Announcement Definition/Mapping
  2. Test Phase - during this time the Kroger division will review all promotional announcements sent EDI for accuracy.
    1. The Buyer or Category Manager will be responsible for the following:
      • Ensuring that the vendor completes a partner form and faxes it the Enterprise EDI Team
      • Exchange item information
      • Establish the procedures for testing
    2. The Buyer or Category Manager and vendor will discuss and agree on all business issues prior to start up.
    3. The vendor will send a test transmission to the production mailbox.
    4. The Buyer or Category Manager will verify that the transactions were received, and communicate any problems back to the vendor.
  3. Parallel Phase
    1. The vendor will send all future Promotional Announcements via EDI and continue to submit the hard copy Kroger 1285 form unless informed otherwise by the Division
    2. The Buyer or Category Manager will verify the EDI transaction against the hard copy Kroger form. Discrepancies will be reported from the Buyer or Category Manager to the vendor
  4. Production Phase
    1. The Buyer or Category Manager will make the decision to go into the production phase, thus eliminating the hard copy form and sending the data to the production mailbox.
    2. Kroger will require a seven-week lead time in advance of the Grocery Promotion Announcement effective date and a four-week lead time in advance of the DSD Promotional Announcement effective date.


  1. Data must conform to the UCS or X12 standards (current version). Kroger's current version is 004010.
  2. Special Requirements:
    1. A DSD Promotion can only be applied to one Kroger buying party. (One N1*BY segment)
    2. A Grocery Warehouse Promotion can be applied to common buying parties. (Same Duns number but different suffix). One contract with several N1*BY segments may be used, or a separate contract for each buying party.
  3. Data Assumptions:
    1. All promotional contracts received are Unique and New. Kroger can not process promotion changes via EDI.

      *Kroger will not process optional situations.

    2. All UPC's within the promotional contract are unique.
    3. If the promotional contract contains two (2) of the same UPC's, then the program will combine the allowances and performance conditions.
    4. Promotion is limited to a maximum of 250 items.


Kroger would like to provide prompt support for the Promotional Announcement program.

If you have an EDI question you may contact the Enterprise EDI Team or e-mail us: edi@kroger.com.

All other question should be referred to the Division Contacts.

To facilitate this, please have the following information available before placing your call:

  • Company Name
  • Communication ID (your ISA)
  • Control # and date sent