EDI Programs And Requirements

879 Requirements

879 Processing Requirements

824 Application Advise price change status messages

  1. Initial Contact - please contact the Business/Operational contact or buyer before you begin price changes. Select a division that you currently do business with to begin testing.
    1. Vendor will contact the party listed in the 879 contact listing for startup of Price Changes
    2. Exchange of the partner informatio
    3. Verification of Kroger Duns and suffix numbers for price changes
    4. Verification of the EDI Price Change Mapping
  2. Test Phase - during this time the Kroger division will review all price changes sent EDI for accuracy.
    1. The Business/Operational contact or buyer will be responsible for the following:
      • Reviewing the Manufacturer Price Listing and establishing any needed brackets in the On-Line Purchasing Syste
      • Exchange item upc information by use of the manufacturer's price shee
      • Establish the procedures for testing with the vendor and in addition to setting the (T) flag in the On-Line Purchasing System
    2. The Business/Operational contact or buyer and vendor will discuss and agree on all business issues prior to start up
    3. The vendor will send a test transmission to the production mailbox
    4. The Business/Operational contact or buyer will verify that the transactions was received, and communicate any problems back to the vendor.
  3. Parallel Phase
    1. The vendor will send all future Price Changes via EDI and continue to submit the hard copy Kroger form (if requested by the Kroger Operation Unit)
    2. The Business/Operational contact or buyer will verify the EDI transaction against the hard copy Kroger form. Discrepancies will be reported from the Business/Operational contact or buyer to the vendor
  4. Production Phase
    1. The Business/Operational contact or buyer will make the decision to go into the production phase, thus eliminating the hard copy form and sending the data to the production mailbox. The Business/Operational contact or buyer at the Division will change the flag to (P) in the On-Line Purchase System
    2. Kroger will require a 30 day lead time for all price changes.

879 Data Requirements

  1. Data must conform to the EDI standard Kroger's current version is 005010 in both the UCS and X12 Standards.
  2. The EDI Price Change must match the hard copy Price Notification. UPC's, dates, brackets and list costs, bracket minimum quantities, price protection, and allocation must all match.
  3. The Manufacturer Price List must be submitted (30) days in advance of the EDI transmitted 879 to allow ample time for the price brackets to be set up by the buyer in the purchasing system. There is also a flag that must be turned on in the purchasing system to accept EDI price changes.
  4. The EDI Price Change must be transmitted ten (10) days prior to the first order date (G6201 = 87).
  5. Price brackets must apply to all items for that particular vendor.
  6. The price brackets must be a common delimiter (cs, lbs, ea), you can not mix brackets within the 879
  7. A vendor should send no more than (10) brackets. Our purchasing system only allows for 4 brackets, so the buyer must enter into his/her purchase system the 4 brackets that will normally apply.
  8. Data Assumptions.
    • All price changes received are unique and ne
    • Kroger can not handle changes or deletions through EDI.
    • All UPC's within the price change are unique
    • If the price change contains two (2) or more UPC's with the same number, then the program will use the last UPC, and ignore the previous ones.
    • There is a limit of 250 items that can be sent on a price change

824 Application Advise

  1. Kroger is now sending 824-879 Price Change Status notices. Our goal is for you, our Trading Partners, to use the 824 to take action quickly on rejected price change information sent to you by Kroger. Kroger does not intend to do any follow up with Trading Partners receiving an 824 on rejected 879-price changes. The 824 will be Kroger’s notification to your company there was a problem.
  2. Kroger requires each EDI Trading Partner sending 879's to have their EDI system set up to accept and use an 824 Application Advise.
  3. Please review documentation "879 Problem Support" for the specific error messages and explanation of the cause on this site.
  4. Please contact your Business/Operational contact or buyer for questions/verifications.
  5. EDI questions can be directed to the Kroger EDI TEAM via E-Mail: edi@kroger.com