EDI Programs And Requirements

879 Problem Support

  1. Kroger would like to provide prompt support for the Price Change programs. You should contact the initial 879 Business/Operational contact or buyer with your initial questions or concerns. The division contact will be responsible for answering any questions during testing and production.
  2. To facilitate this, please have the following information available before placing your call this will speed up the process in handling your questions or concerns.

    Company nam

    Communication Info - ISA ID and QUAL

    Control # and date sent

  3. EDI will send a 997 functional acknowledgment for each 879 received. The vendor will be responsible for checking to see if the 997 returned was either marked as accepted or rejected. The receipt of an accepted functional acknowledgment only verifies the receipt of the 879 by EDI. This does not mean the 879 was accepted in to the Division On-Line Purchasing System.
  4. Please contact your Business/Operational contact or buyer for verification
  5. EDI questions can be directed to the Kroger EDI TEAM via E-Mail: edi@kroger.com
  6. Kroger requires each EDI Trading Partner sending 879's to have their EDI system set up to accept and use an 824 Application Advise.

824 Application Advice New: 824 Application Advise messages for Price Changes

Kroger is now sending 824-879 Price Change Status notices. Our goal is for you, our Trading Partners, to use the 824 to take action quickly on rejected price change information sent to you by Kroger. Kroger does not intend to follow up with Trading Partners receiving an 824 on rejected 879-price changes. The 824 will be Kroger’s notification to your company there was a problem.

  1. Kroger will only send the 824 with price change status messages to EDI Trading Partners who are sending Kroger the 879-price change transaction. Please send back a 997 functional acknowledgement on the 824.
  2. Kroger will send the 824 with the price change status messages to the EDI Trading Partner (communication id) who sent the original 879 - price change. Kroger will not be able to route the (824) with price change status messages to a different EDI Trading Partner ID.
  3. Kroger will send within the 824 a summary noting the number of accepted 879-price changes, and detailed information on the items rejected. Example: Your company sent 20 879-price changes for the Atlanta division. 18 of the price changes were accepted. 2 were rejected. Kroger will send a summary segment stating 18 of 20 price changes were accepted. Kroger will also send 2 separate segments with details of each item that was rejected.
  4. Kroger will not send any warning messages on 879- price changes in the 824. All error messages will be fatal. Fatal means, the price change was rejected within the Kroger divisions system and it will be your responsibility to research, fix, and resend the price change correctly to Kroger
  5. Due to the fact each Kroger division has their own procurement system (no centralized procurement system), Kroger will be sending price change status messages from each division separately. We will however be sending back the "price list reference" information sent to Kroger in the G3601 segment from the 879. This information (if sent to Kroger) will be sent in the 824 in the "Original Transaction Identification", OTI segment (OTI02 and OTI03) for you to reference back to your original 879.
  6. Please review the 879 duns + suffix listing posted on our web site. This will clarify which Kroger division the message is being sent in the N1 segment in the 824.
  7. Please review " 824-879 price change explanation" document for more details on the cause of the rejection

Sample of 824 returned with price change status:


N1*FR*FRED MEYER*9*0079088091500~




PROD ID FILE*****01001111087654~



ERROR*****1 OF 2~

N104, with N101 = FR, contains the DUNS+suffix of the division the status message applies to (refer to 879 DUNS listing)

OTI03 will contain the price list reference (from the 879 G3601); this will contain an internal Kroger counter number, if no G3601 is supplied

TED07 will contain the product id (UPC or GTIN) for any rejected price changes

TED07 will contain the product id (UPC or GTIN) for any rejected price changes

Other elements contain the expected information per EDI standards

The TED02 will contain a Free Form Message describing the error. Additional information may be sent in the TED07 and TED08 data elements, to help identify the error.

an Error Code this should be looked up in the list of "price change error codes" specific to price changes a Brief Description this should be sufficient for describing the errors

An Acknowledgment Code will be sent, based on the levels of errors found:

Accepted No Fatal Errors were found: document will be used Rejected At least one Fatal Error was found; document will NOT be used

Each of these Acknowledgment Codes will be represented within the OTI01 field, as follows:

Accepted OTI01 = "TA" Transaction Set Accept

Accepted OTI01 = "TA" Transaction Set Accept

0600 - 0699 879 Price Change Errors

For each error detected, a TED segment will be returned. The TED01 data element will contain a generic error condition, as defined in the EDI Standards:

024 Other Unlisted Reason