EDI Programs And Requirements

NEX 894 Delivery/Return Base Record Program

The Delivery/Return Based Record Program allows direct store delivery items to be electronically invoiced through the EDI system. The 894 transaction is the electronic invoice that is transmitted in EDI

There are a number of benefits for both Kroger and its suppliers in using EDI invoice business transactions. The benefits included are faster check-in time at the store back door, more accurate inventory figures, less open invoice reconciliation time, less data entry time, and numerous others.

Kroger Processing Procedures for the NEX 894 Transaction

  1. The 894 transaction is verified against the EDI standards.
  2. A 997 functional acknowledgment is returned to the vendor informing them that the 894 was received and was either accepted or rejected by EDI.
  3. An 824 transaction will be sent explaining the errors if the 894 fails EDI standards.
  4. The data is then passes to the Direct Store Delivery system and sent to the store systems for approval.
  5. Once approved by the store it is passed to the payment systems for payment.
  6. We support the 895 Delivery/Return Acknowledgment or Adjustment transaction.

Kroger 894 Requirements

  1. The Kroger division + store number in the format DDDSSS must be in the G8204. Without valid division and store the data cannot be passes to the store systems.
  2. Vendor’s Dun and Bradstreet number for each payment terms must be in the G8205. This is used to process payment. If the vendor is not sure of which number to send in this field, they need to contact the buyer for that division.
  3. The invoice number, Kroger division and vendor Dun and Bradstreet must be unique. Duplicate invoices will be rejected at store level.
  4. Credits must be sent via a 894 transaction within 48 hours of product return.
  5. The G8203 needs to contain the duns number for the appropriate Kroger division.