EDI Programs And Requirements


Under each transaction set you will find a brief description of the transaction process and mapping. Once you have submitted or faxed your New Partner Set-up Form, please contact the EDI Coordinator at the Kroger location you plan to do business with to begin the process. New setups will be made in EDI version 5010.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between companies using a public, standard format. Rather than preparing paper and sending it through the mail, or using other communications methods such as fax, EDI users exchange data directly between their respective computer systems.

Kroger utilizes both the UCS and the ANSI X12 EDI Standards used to send and receive EDI transaction sets. Kroger's most current version is 005010.

To begin the EDI process with a division of Kroger, please review the detailed documents at this web site. All of the appropriate business contact information for each location are listed under CONTACT US here to assist you in the startup process.

  • Vendors are expected to communicate in the current version according to GS1 US (formerly Uniform Code Council) guidelines.
  • Vendors are encouraged to be members of the GS1 US (formerly Uniform Code Council). If you have questions or need more information about applying for membership, contact the GS1 office by dialing (937) 435-3870, by e-mail: info@gs1us.org or by visiting their web site https://www.gs1us.org
  • Vendors can find a EDI Service Provider Directory for Software and Network services under the (GS1) Uniform Code Council web site getting started with EDI

Segment Requirements

  • Segment requirements are listed within the mapping of the individual transaction set. Some segments that are optional by standards are required by Kroger to feed internal processing.
  • The vendor can include other segments in the transmission but they will not necessarily be read or interpreted by Kroger.
  • A functional acknowledgment will be sent for all inbound transactions. The receipt of a functional acknowledgment only verifies that the EDI document was "A" accepted had no EDI errors, or "R" rejected had EDI errors. The receipt of an Accepted functional acknowledgement does not mean the transaction met application requirements, you must contact the appropriate business contact for verification.

Suppliers who are new to EDI can direct questions regarding start-up via e-mail to edi@kroger.com.