EDI Programs And Requirements

812 Credit Debit Adjustment

This transaction set is used to notify a trading partner of an adjustment or a bill-back. It identifies and contains the details and amounts covering exceptions, adjustments, credits, or debits for goods and services.

The Kroger data represents PDM/PCM(S) generated from two Kroger systems, VPS and KCL, with Robert Vaughn and SDA coming later.

The job runs Monday – Friday at 21:30.

rascdataintegrity@kroger.com is the primary contact and is responsible for setting up vendors on the 812. Their main concentration will be the Warehouse EDI partners.

The cross reference to the ISA is by the corporate vendor number also known as K number. This is controlled by data integrity.

EDI 812 are only for EDI 810/880 deductions / credits via our auto-pay system and Promotional Billings. When you request an 812 via the Partner Setup Form or via email you will be setup in production with-in five business days. There is no testing for these documents. You will receive paper copies up to 90 days to give you time to compare to your EDI 812. You may also retrieve your EDI Invoice deductions / credits and Promotional Invoices via our vendor portal on Lavante. To be setup for vendor portal please contact krogercorrespondence@prgx.com

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact: