EDI Programs And Requirements


Procedure - Kroger Logistic Requirements for ASN Vendors

Purpose: This document explains the steps necessary to meet Kroger Logistic requirements for Advance Shipment Notices.

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Initiation of New Vendor Process

Before data transmission can be initiated to Kroger EDI, you must meet the following requirements:

Technical Requirements

  1. The ASN must be generated when the truck leaves the plant.
  2. The EDI process times should occur at least as frequently as the travel time it takes for the truck to get to the warehouse. This will insure that the data transmission will arrive before the product arrives.

Operational Requirements

  1. Sample labels must be sent to the ASN Lead and the Kroger DC for review.
  2. The items’ tiers and highs on the ASN should be sent to the ASN Lead and the Kroger DC.

Comment: The Ti x HI is helpful for ASN set up and review. Negotiable as requirement on data transfer

Physical Requirements

  1. One piece of wood or slip-sheet for every load of product is required for ASN receiving.
  2. The label must be placed in the upper right hand corner of the pallet.
  3. The label must be placed on the outside of the shrink-wrap.
  4. The labels should comply with the GS1 SSCC-18 Standard (http://www.uc-council.org).
  5. The label should be temperature sensitive (to prevent smearing in freezing conditions).

The following are preferred methods that Kroger recommends using to fully take advantage of the Advance Shipment Notice:

  1. The SSCC-18 label should have the last four characters larger than the rest to easily distinguish the pallet. This should not include the trailing check digit. Of the 20 displayed digits, 16-19 should be larger than the rest of the ID.
  2. A single SSCC-18 label should not be placed on mixed pallets (a pallet with two or more items).
  3. Usage of wrap around labels is recommended (One label with two SSCC-18 ID’s extending from the upper right hand corner of one side to the upper left hand corner of the other). If you do not have wrap around capability, two identical labels can be applied.