EDI Programs And Requirements

Scan Sales Requirements (General Merchandise Only)

Fred Meyer Non Food / Jewelry Group

The Kroger Co uses computer captured scan sales data to exchange with its trading partner. Fred Meyer Stores buyers use the same available data to monitor SKU performance, build store and/or warehouse inventories (purchase products), and manage all areas to drive sales. At the request of the Fred Meyer Stores buyer, EDI will exchange this information via EDI with suppliers

The EDI team will always setup vendors requested by the buyer on the basic 852 Scan Sales. The ZA segment will summarize sales by SKU for all selling location during the prior week. The trading partner can request the day of the week the 852 is sent.

Specialized 852 programs are available; however, these programs require buyer approval. Typically, implementation of specialized 852 programs require the vendor to provide specific analysis of the data and reporting and input back to the Fred Meyer Stores buyer to positively impact sales for products reported on. The EDI team will defer all vendors requesting specialized 852s to the buyer for approval.

Business Requirements

  • Ability to meet EDI Technical Requirements
  • Ability to begin receiving 852 document immediately
  • Ability to provide analysis and reporting from data to help maximize sales, reduce markdowns and cost from the supply chain.

EDI Technical Requirements

  • Ability to support VICS or ANSI version 4010
  • Ability to receive Sales data with SDQ (Store Destination Quantity) segments
  • Ability to accept UPC numbers for identification of all products in the 852
  • Ability to send 997 Functional Acknowledgement within 24 hours