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Kroger/Peyton's / Fred Meyer Food Group*



Documents Involved


EDI program summary



EDI Business Standards for Invoicing

GTIN vs Consumer UPC

810,          880

Credit/Debit Adjustment


812 Credit/Debit Adjustment


Electronic Funds Transfer

Business Overview 


Remittance Advice

Business Overview


Application Advice

Business Overview

Examples of 824 Application Advice

Examples of 824 Application Advice for 894

Application Advice Program


Planning Schedule with Release Capability

Business Overview  

Business Requirements


Price/Sales Catalog Business Overview 832

Retailer Managed Replenishment

Purchase Order

Business Overview

GTIN vs Consumer UPC

850,          875

Super Vendor Setup Process

Super Vendor Purchase Orders - Setup Procedures

DSD Store Orders

Vendor Setup

Division/ Vendor Emergency Support Procedures 

Internal Setup 

850 DSD875 DSD

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Replenishment

Business Overview

Warehouse 852 Processing Times

ZA Segment Explanation

Current List of Partners and their JIT Numbers

852,           855

Scan Based Trading

Pay For Scan - DSD

Business Overview


Advanced Ship Notice

Business Overview

Vendor Requirements


ASN 856 Procedures

ASN Capable Sites

ASN Vendor Contacts

ASN Violation Descriptions


Shipment and Billing Notice

ASN 857- Shipment and Billing Notice/First Steps

824-857 errors and explanation

ASN 857 Prequalification


Peyton Product Transfer & Resale Report

Business Overview


Pharmacy Product
Transfer & Resale Report

Business Overview


Price Information

Business Overview

Price change logic and possible problem's

879 Problem Support

824-879 price change explanation

Note: There is a limit of 250 items per price change



Business Overview

Contract Terminology

Note: There is a limit of 250 items per promotion.

There is also a maximum of 150 stores that can be sent on a DSD promotion

Application Advice Notices for Promotions
(Acrobat File)


NEX - Delivery/Return Base Record

Business Overview 

Nex Definition  

Application Advice (824) Samples for 894 DSD Invoices (Updated 03/21/2017)


NEX - Delivery/Return Acknowledgment  or Adjustment

DSD Nex User information


*This store group includes:City Market, Dillon, Food 4 Less, Fry's/Tolleson, King Soopers, Kroger Atlanta, Kroger Central-Indianapolis, Kroger Central-Shelbyville, Kroger Cincinnati, Kroger Columbus, Kroger Delta-Memphis, Kroger Michigan, Kroger Mid-Atlantic/Roanoke, Kroger Mid-South/Louisville, Kroger Southwest Dallas, Kroger Southwest/Houston, Peyton's GHC, Peyton's Northern, Peyton's Mid South, Peyton's Phoenix, Peyton's Southeast, QFC (Quality Food Centers), Ralphs/Cala Foods/Bell Markets, Fred Meyer Food


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