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Programs for Kroger/Peyton / Fred Meyer Food Group

This store group includes City Market, Dillon, Food 4 Less, Fry's/Tolleson, King Soopers, Kroger Atlanta, Kroger Central-Indianapolis, Kroger Central-Shelbyville, Kroger Cincinnati, Kroger Columbus, Kroger Delta-Memphis, Kroger Michigan, Kroger Mid-Atlantic/Roanoke, Kroger Mid-South/Louisville, Kroger Southwest Dallas, Kroger Southwest/Houston, Peyton's GHC, Peyton's Northern, Peyton's Mid South, Peyton's Phoenix, Peyton's Southeast, QFC (Quality Food Centers), Ralphs/Cala Foods/Bell Markets, Smith's Food & DrugCenters and Fred Meyer Food

Programs for Fred Meyer Non Food / JewelryGroup

This store group includes Fred Meyer Non Food and Fred MeyerJewelers

StandardVendor Agreement

Unless an executed Standard Vendor Agreement signature pageis already on file with Kroger, Vendor will promptly deliver an executedoriginal of the signature page of this Agreement signed by a person of authorityrepresenting Vendor to its Kroger Representative. The terms and conditions ofthis Agreement apply to Vendor with respect to the provision of goods,merchandise and incidental services ("Products") to Kroger. Vendor'sshipment of Products constitutes Vendor's unconditional acceptance of thisAgreement.

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