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Kroger internal users and external EDI trading partners need to submit their EDI requests by selecting the forms described below.

E-mail or phone calls will only be used for follow-up communications and discussions concerning work or incident requests submitted via the electronic forms.

Please use the web forms listed below to submit your EDI requests. You will receive an email confirmation after you submit your request. Please refer to the confirmation e-mail for further communications with the Kroger and Fred Meyer EDI teams.

EDI Requests

Please submit EDI request to Implement EDI with any division of The Kroger Co, Follow-up on any EDI transaction, initiates a change to an existing partner/vendor set-up or any other request related to Kroger or Fred Meyer EDI.

EDI Incidents/Outages

Please submit an incident/outage if there is an unplanned interruption or scheduled outage to a business process flow.


  1. Please enter your e-mail address correctly on the web form so Kroger can send your email confirmation back to you.  If you accidentally enter an invalid e-mail address in your request, you will not receive a confirmation e-mail.  In this case, please re-create another request with the correct e-mail address.
  2. Once you have submitted a request via the web form process, all subsequent communication about the request will be handled through e-mails


You may have some questions while initiating your EDI request using web forms. Please go through the list of FAQ’s for your reference.

If you have any questions while initiating an EDI request (either the Work Request or Incident Form) please e-mail / for assistance.


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