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Contacts for 856 Advance Shipping Notice Manifest

In order to begin ASN transmissions to any Kroger Distribution Centers, contact must be made with the Distribution Center involved for the initial pilot. Listed below are the division, contact and phone number.

Divisional Contacts

Kroger Atlanta
Anthony Warner
Phone:404-244-1111 x4419
Euell Parks
Phone: 404-212-2924
Fax: 404-241-1694
Kroger Cincinnati
Mike Hauss
Phone: 513-782-3473
Fred Meyer/Clackamas
Robin Rockwell
Phone: 503-650-2028
Fax: 503-557-2442
Hallie Ballou Phone: 503-557-2492
Kroger Columbus
Brian McQuillin
Phone: 740-657-2112 
Fax: 740-657-4510
Terry Herderick
Phone: 740-657-2114


Dillon Stores
Barry Cooprider
Phone: 620-669-3316
Larry Hase
Kroger Central/Indy
Rick Fearing
Phone: 317-579-8143      
Paul Sahm
317-352-5100x307          Fax: 317-351-0179
King Soopers - Dry Grocery
Albert Harvey
Jack Radcliffe
Phone: 303-365-6820
King Soopers - Atlas
Brett Hedler
Phone: 303-715-5702
Jeff Payte
Phone: 303-715-5720
King Soopers - IWI
Bill Thurston
Phone: 303-715-5966
Kroger Delta/Memphis
Randy Wilks
Phone: 901-547-6426
Allen Gregory Phone: 901-547-6522
Terry Howell
Phone: 901-547-6470
Kroger Mid-South/Louisville
Jay Wilkerson
Phone: 502-254-4103
Fax: 502-254-4169
Patty McIver Phone: 502-254-4167
Fred Meyer/Puyallup
Jeffery D Howland
Phone: 253-770-6835
Fax: 253-770-6841
Drake Eugenio Phone: 253-770-6823
Ralphs - Compton
Mike Rasch
310-884-2718 X 2718
Fax: 310-884-2662
Ralphs - Glendale
Chris Hamm Phone: 818-552-4991
Ralphs - Riverside
Steve Dreier Phone: 951-778-6474
Greg Moyer Phone: 909-778-6353
Kroger Mid-Atlantic/Roanoke
Mike Saunders
Phone: 540-375-6517
Fax: 540-375-5115
Charles Martin
Phone: 540-375-5030
Kroger Central/Shelbyville
Jason Smith Phone: 317-642-8690
Derick Scott Phone: 317-850-9813
Rand Russell
Phone: 623-936-2127
Fax: 623-936-2244
Rick Shipman Phone: 623-936-2532
Barry Cooprider Phone: 620-669-3316
Peyton North - Bluffton
Dylan McIntosh
Phone: 260-827-2017
Fax: 260-827-2192
Lyle Bumbalough Phone: 216-827-2087
Peyton Southeastern - Cleveland
Betty Trammell
Phone: 423-614-1000
Fax: 423-614-1196
Warren Varnell Phone: 423-614-1029   Fax: 423-614-1196
Peyton Fountain
Sam Chifalo Phone: 719-382-1886
Todd Millard Phone: 719-382-1833
Peyton Phoenix - Buckeye
Brian Bartz Phone: 602-477-3155          Fax: 602-477-3296
Brian LaPlante Phone: 602-477-3118       Fax: 602-477-3297
WIN Installation Manager
Angie Freeman Phone: 423-614-1009     Fax: 423-614-1196
GO Logistics
Doug Holmes
Phone: 513-762-4123
Fax: 513-762-1183
Mark Schuchter
Phone: 513-762-4286
Fax: 513-762-1183
Other Contacts
Kroger Manufacturing
Melinda Leising
Phone: 513-387-7216
Doug Delauder
Phone: 513-762-4891
Fax: 513-762-4888
John Murphy Phone: 623-936-2276


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