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Please click here to submit your request to Implement EDI with any division of The Kroger Co, Follow-up on any EDI transaction, initiates a change to an existing partner/vendor set-up or any other request related to Kroger or Fred Meyer EDI.

The EDI Request form consists of four different types of requests and you need to choose the proper request type based on your requirement.

1. New Partner setup form:
    Initial EDI partner set-up form for trading partners

2. Document follow-up/Resend:
    Follow-up on any EDI transaction
             a.  Request for a confirmation of receipt of invoices by
                  Kroger/Fred Meyer when a partner didn't receive an,
                  accepted acknowledgment (997).
             b.  Request to re-send a purchase order to a trading partner.

3. Partner/Vendor set-up changes:
    Request change(s) to an existing partner/vendor set-up
             a.  ISA ID change for an existing partner.
             b.  VAN change for an existing partner.
                     •   Add EDI852 or EDI830 transaction flag to existing

4. Other: :
    Used for all work requests not listed above. Please use this option if
    your request doesn’t fall under any of the above categories.


  1. Please enter your e-mail address correctly on the web form so Kroger can send your email confirmation back to you.  If you accidentally enter an invalid e-mail address in your request, you will not receive a confirmation e-mail.  In this case, please re-create another request with the correct e-mail address.
  2. Once you have submitted a request via the web form process, all subsequent communication about the request will be handled through e-mails

If you have any questions while initiating an EDI request (either the Work Request or Incident Form) please e-mail / for assistance.


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